Liebster award

What a surprise! Yay! A few weeks ago I’ve been nominated by Mandie for the Liebster Blog Award! Thank you! It took a while to respond because of school exams, but here is my post!
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Hello again!

Dear followers. My last post was way too long ago, almost six months… I’m so sorry about that! I decided to study one day a week and beside that I work three days a week. I just had to figure out how to spend my time and it is just too busy sometimes. That’s why I haven’t post for that long. I really missed blogging, so I hope I can find a way to combine it all together!

Because the cold winterdays are coming (here in Holland) and it will be Christmas sooner than you know, I would like to share some home inspiration for the Holiday’s. I don’t like cold, but I do like the things you can do to make your home warm and cosy.

Check out soon for more Holiday ideas!

What are your ideas for the Holiday’s?