What residential type are you?

One of my favorite sites for interior ideas and inspiration is vtwonen. Right now you can do a quiz and discover what type you are and which products and colors are connected to it. It is pretty fun actually.

vtwonen woontype quiz

So I did the quiz and this is the result:
I am sturdy. I am a tough type, a raw husk and straight to the point. Respect! There should be more people like me, pure and authentic. This is also the element how to describe my residential style. My heart beats faster from raw and natural materials, original details and craft. It may be big with a raw edge. That is more exciting than when everything is searched and figured out together before. I prefer to design things on my own. The living style that suits is industrial. Colors are black, white, grey, army green and colorful accents. Materials are metal, concrete, canvas and wood. Designs are graphic as in typographic prints and stamps.

vtwonen quiz stoer

Do you want to know which living style fits for you? Do the quiz! I am curious about your results!

P.S. The site and quiz are written in Dutch.

Photos: vtwonen


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